War of the Titans

The Horn of Hrothgar, Part 1

The Hunt for the Horn Begins

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Edward Pierce and Alia Nazir were in the executive lounge of Pierce’s primary night club planning their next heist. A man identifying himself only as Mr. Johnson arrived with a proposition. He wanted the team to steal an artifact known as the Horn of Hrothgar from a local collector’s private vault.

While the team rarely took jobs for others, this opportunity was both suspicious and too good to pass up. Without a prearranged buyer, such as Mr. Johnson’s mysterious employer, there was no way they’d be able to fence such a one of a kind artifact. Pierce slipped a tracking device onto Mr. Johnson, took the offered dossier on the heist, and agreed they would look into it.

As Mr. Johnson took his leave, Alia and Pierce received a second visitor. Jeremy Lackhand, special agent for the FBI, dropped in to let the pair know that their pursuit-free days were at an end. He seemed to know an awful lot about the team and their activities, and was clearly eager to let them know that he’d be watching. One misstep and he’d be there to throw them all behind bars.

The next day, Pierce and Alia did a little recon on the mansion where the artifact was held. On a ridge in the pricey part of the hills of Los Angeles, the security was tight, but nothing the pair couldn’t handle, especially with the codes they’d been given by Mr. Johnson to breach the vault itself. Pierce made a scuffle with the guards to judge their disposition and reaction time, while Nazir determined that the rear of the house, which was situated on a deep gorge, was the best way to access the grounds.

That evening, the pair returned and made their way carefully through the brush of the hill and climbed the steep gorge to the fence at the back of the property. Pierce leaped easily over the fence onto the back patio. Looking up, he realized that Alia had leaped with deceptive ease over the fence, past the patio, and directly onto the second floor balcony. With a little more effort, Pierce joined her and they entered the mansion.

They quickly determined that they were not alone. A toppled security hat along the balcony which lined the interior courtyard tipped them off to the presence of other interlopers. Beneath them, they overheard a pack of bandanna-masked thugs attempting futilely to breach the vault door.

Pierce took out the Coin of Discord and flung it noisily into a koi pond on the far side of the courtyard. Distracted by the shiny and obviously valuable coin, the thugs began to argue amongst themselves. The pair of scions took the opportunity to drop noiselessly into the courtyard. They punched in the codes Mr. Johnson had provided and slipped into the vault.

Within was a treasure house of rare and extremely valuable merchandise. Unable to resist, Pierce pilfered a pair of priceless bottles of wine on their way to the object they were there to liberate. When they reached the altar where the Horn was supposed to be, they found only a card. The card said that the artifact had been removed for protection by the Oracle Securities Group.

Frustrated in their efforts, Alia and Pierce turned to leave. Opening the vault, Pierce came face to sternum with a hulking brute. The massive creature stared down at the pair and demanded the horn. Pierce crossed his heart and promised that the thugs had already taken the artifact.



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