War of the Titans

The Horn of Hrothgar, Part 2

The Hunt for the Horn Continues

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José Guadalupe Patrón met with his parole officer to discover Special Agent Jeremy Lackhand waiting for him. The FBI Agent took Patrón on a stakeout of a mansion in the hills of L.A. It seemed Lackhand suspected Patrón’s compatriots were in the midst of a heist, and was maneuvering himself into position to capture them in the act.

Arriving at the mansion, Lackhand quickly noticed something was wrong and approached the residence’s front door. Patrón followed, despite being ordered to remain in the FBI van. When they entered the inner courtyard just beyond the mansion’s front door, the pair discovered a robbery was indeed in progress, but the perpetrators were not who they expected. Five thugs masked with bandannas turned their attention to the Agent, as did their leader, a massive, 8-foot tall brute that could only be described as a giant.

Patrón, concerned about his friends, was excited when he noticed Edward Pierce and Alia Nazir attempting to make a stealthy getaway at the rear of the courtyard. He called out to them as the Agent and thugs pulled out their weapons, calling attention to the pair’s escape.

The thugs opened fire. Guns blazed and Lackhand went down in a pall of smoke. Nazir leaped gracefully to the second floor balcony without incident. Pierce, somewhat distracted by paying extra care to the pair of expensive wine bottles he still held, was a bit slower climbing to the balcony, and took a shot in the shoulder for his efforts.

The giant, meanwhile, made sure Lackhand stayed down. His massive club slammed into the Agent as he reeled from the gunshots. The impact sent him flying through the air, until he collided with Patrón and the pair collapsed to the ground.

Pierce’s first instinct was to make good his escape while most of the attention remained on Lackhand. A nagging doubt crept into the back of his mind, as if he could feel his divine mother frowning down at him. Swearing, he ducked behind the second floor balcony and started taking pot shots at the pair of thugs that had accosted him and Nazir.

As the battle raged, Pierce, Alia and Patrón managed to efficiently eliminate the thugs with a minimum of effort. Meanwhile, the giant’s attention remained on Lackhand. While the giant’s club had only managed to crack concrete, Lackhands thunderclap gunshots had been just as ineffective in striking their target.

The Agent lay on the shattered concrete, blood seeping from his wounds, his face pale from his injuries. He looked up as the giant raised its club for the final blow. A howl split the air behind him as Patrón ran past the fallen Agent, leaped through the air and slammed his obsidian-bladed dagger into the giant’s left eye. Ichor sprayed onto the Scion as he pulled the dagger free and fell to the earth. The giant howled in agony, clutching at his wrecked eye socket.

Pierce seized the opportunity to strike and vaulted over the balcony, his gun raised. As he slammed into the graveled path below, his gun bellowed and sent bullets shredding through the giant’s groin.

Nazir had made her way around the balcony, looking for an opportunity to catch the giant’s attention and evoke her Sekem to cow the beast long enough for her companions to eliminate it. Unfortunately, as the monster howled in pain and viscous blood seeped between its fingers, she gave it up as a lost cause. Instead she bounded over the balcony and landed gracefully atop the giant’s shoulders. Her Fangs of Bastet earned their name as she slashed the slim blade across the brute’s other eye.

Screaming with rage and pain, the giant flailed at his assailants but was unable to make his wild blows connect. The four Scions quickly put the beast out of its misery and the earth shook as its massive body collapsed.



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