War of the Titans

The Horn of Hrothgar, Part 3

Enter the Oracle

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Edward Pierce, Alia Nazir, José Guadalupe Patrón, and Jeremy Lackhand stood in the remains of the battle in the mansion’s courtyard. The thugs and the giant that led them were dead, pools of ichor spreading beneath their bodies.

Lackhand, his system flooded with adrenalin and bleeding from his wounds, kept his gun trained on the band of thieves. Pierce, having retrieved the bottles of priceless wine, popped one open and offered it to the Agent, using his supernatural charm to calm the man. Lackhand took the bottle and after a long drag of the exquisite liquid had relaxed enough to lower his gun.

The FBI Agent told the band that the rest of his team was likely on its way, and that they would be wise to make a hasty retreat before they arrived. Taking him at his word, the three thieves made good their escape.

Returning to Pierce’s offices above his nightclub, the trio reviewed their options. They still had the tracker Pierce placed on Mr. Johnson during their first meeting. In addition, they had the note left in lieu of the Horn of Hrothgar, which indicated that a third party called Oracle Security Group was in possession of the horn.

Nazir hit the streets to do some legwork among her underworld contacts to see what she could learn about OSG, while Patron did the same on the internet. Meanwhile, Pierce pulled up the tracker data on Mr. Johnson, to discover the businessman was waiting downstairs in the club. Seeing him on the security camera, Pierce had the man brought upstairs.

Mr. Johnson did not seem terribly surprised when Pierce told him the horn had already been taken by OSG. The businessman indicated that his employer had run into difficulties with the group before. He offered a sizable retainer for the band of Scions to continue their pursuit of the horn.

After Mr. Johnson took his leave, the others returned and shared the information they retrieved about Oracle. Deciding the horn was still worth investigating, the three decided to scope the downtown L.A. headquarters of Oracle through the guise of a legitimate business meeting. Patron set up a meeting for the following day using the name of his parent’s company.

The band arrived at the downtown skyscraper the next day and set about scoping the lobby and its security. Patron dressed to attract attention, doffing his top hat and Aztec-patterned contact lens, while Pierce dressed more traditionally and Nazir dressed in the black of a bodyguard. Stepping into the lobby, Patron immediately drew the attention of everyone present, including the remotely viewing security personnel. Meanwhile, Pierce and Nazir watched the reactions of security to a planned diversion and were impressed when the bum they hired to cause a ruckus was headed off before he even made it through the revolving doors.

The group was shown up to the Oracle Security Group offices and into a conference room where they were introduced to Ron Marlowe and his head of security, Jens Bjornisson. WIth little preamble, Marlowe made it clear he knew the true nature of his three visitors, and that their true goal was the horn.

Bjornisson placed a case containing the horn in the center of the table. Marlowe told the trio that he would willingly part with the horn and allow the three to do with it as they pleased. His only request was that they allow him to show them a couple things before they made their decision. The team agreed and Marlowe showed them to a private elevator.

The elevator deposited the group in a secure facility deep beneath the skyscraper. Marlowe indicated that there was a high security vault even further beneath them that held the relics that Oracle Securities retrieved for safe keeping. He then led them into a massive chamber that turned out to be a high tech rendition of the Oracle at Delphi. They stood in a temple dedicated to the fates and receiving their wisdom.

A young woman named Raina Weaver stepped out from behind the massive supporting pillars and occupied the central circle of the sacred temple. She withdrew a silk-wrapped deck of tarot cards and told the team she had seen their involvement in the current situation, and that she would be happy to read their futures in the cards for them. Raina was a scion of fate, and while her gift as a descendant of one of the original oracles provided incredibly useful information to Oracle in its mission to protect the mortal world, it left her too dangerous to wander freely. While well taken care of, her life was restricted to the walls of the temple.

Nazir asked the Oracle whether she would ever meet her true mother, and Raina dealt the cards, seeing that her journey would be one of struggle, that those surrounding her would be important in the search, and that the ultimate outcome was uncertain. Nazir, troubled by the reading, stepped back and allowed Pierce a turn.

Pierce asked Raina who possessed the horn and whether he and the team should pursue the relic. The cards again foretold a great deal of change and difficult obstacles. There would be failures ahead, yet failures which might ultimately lead to the team’s success.

Marlowe returned and filled the group in on the nature of relics similar to the horn, and the aims of OSG. The relics were of vital importance, as they can easily be used to provide access to the mortal realm for titanspawn that would otherwise not be able to break through the boundary between the realms. If Mr. Johnson’s mysterious employer was so eager to retrieve the horn, Marlowe had no doubt that their intent was to use it in service of the titans.

The band of thieves decided not to take the horn back to Mr. Johnson. Instead, they arranged for a duplicate horn which they would present to Mr. Johnson as the real thing, then follow the businessman back to his employer to see if they could discover more about what was happening behind the scenes.



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