Edward Pierce

A charismatic and affluent "cracksman" or master thief.


Strength – 2
Dexterity – 3, 2
Stamina – 2
Charisma – 4,1
Manipulation – 4,1
Appearance – 4
Perception – 3,2
Intelligence – 3,1
Wits – 3,1

Academics – 3
Athletics – 2
Awareness – 3
Brawl – 2
Crafting for Larceny – 2
Empathy – 3
Integrity – 1
Larceny – 3
Marksmanship – 1
Melee – 2
Occult – 1
Presence – 3
Science – 1
Stealth – 3

Guide – 4 (Tyche, lesser deity of luck and fortune)

Arete (Larceny) – 2
Chaos – 1

Willpower – 6

Expression – 2
Intellect – 4
Valor – 2
Vengeance – 1

Dodge DV – 6
Parry DV –
Join Battle – 6+1

Monkey Climber
Untouchable Opponent
God’s Honest
Perfect Pitch
Subliminal Warning
Perfect Memory
Meditative Focus

B – 2
L – 1
A – 0

Legend – 3

Coin of Discord – 3
The coin is hammered from one of the leaves plucked (borrowed?) from the apple of discord. Has the picture of an apple and the word “Kallisti” (meaning “For the most beautiful one” ) on one side. This side gives access to the Chaos Purview when exposed with intent by the bearer to others. The coin always finds its way back to me the following day without fail.

On the other side is a picture of Tyche (my guide), which I use to communicate with her when I need guidance.


Pantheon – Dodekatheon
God – Aphrodite
Nature – Rogue

Pierce (everyone calls him Pierce) is known in ‘society’ as a charming well off and rather shrewd businessman. Most in society do not know where or how he came into money, but he wears his wealth like a second skin and most assume its from old money. The truth of course is rather is rather nefarious.

Pierce was born and raised by his father, a foundry-man by trade who also moonlighted as a locksmith on weekends. His father enjoyed puzzles and the work as a locksmith was both a fun hobby and a way to make an honest buck at the same time. This was the start of Pierces fascination with puzzles, and locks in particular, from an extremely young age. Pierce’s father often talked of his mother like she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He obviously loved her very much. Shortly after his birth she died in a car crash. At least that was the story he had always been told.

As Pierce aged he found he excelled in many areas and by the time he was 10 he was able to pick very complicated locks. By high school he started to develop a taste for the finer things that were outside the budget of a middle-class metal worker. At 14 Pierce broke into his school safe and none were the wiser. He knew without a doubt what his calling was, and geared all future education with the purpose of making a living cracking safes.

By the age of 22 he had completed college and was able to open up his first nightclub with a loan from a mysterious donor. (As an aside the club themes always involved scantily clad servers and hosts in the most salacious manner. One step above strip club) The loan of course was from himself and he used his nightclub as a way to launder his own money. Due to his adept business practices Pierce was soon able to open a chain of legitimate night clubs across the country. At the same time Pierce was growing more bold with his thieving crimes. The crimes themselves were not about the loot, but about the challenge. OK, OK, that is a lie, they were definitely about the loot. Rare gems, paintings, rare gold coins, you name it, if it was rare, if it had value, and more importantly if it was difficult to obtain, you had Pierce’s attention.

One crime in particular got a lot of notoriety. I have attached a link below that gets most of the story right. The man captured takes credit for it, and as he is a good friend, I have no problem with that. I think he’s going to sell the rights to the story and make himself another tidy little bundle.


Edward Pierce

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