Jeremy Lackhand

FBI agent pursuing mysterious high profile thieves. Scion of Tyr.


PDF Character Sheet

Str – 3 Epic – 2
Dex – 2
Sta – 4 Epic – 2

Cha – 2
Man – 3
App – 2

Per – 4
Int – 3
Wit – 4 Epic – 1

Academics – 2 (favored)
Athletics – 1
Awareness – 4
Brawl – 2
Command – 2 (favored)
Control(Automobiles) – 1
Integrity – 2 (favored)
Investigation – 4 (favored)
Larceny – 2
Marksmanship – 3
Melee – 1 (favored)
Politics – 2 (favored)
Presence – 1
Stealth – 2
Survival – 1

Courage – 2
Endurance – 3
Expression – 1
Loyalty – 3

Other Stats
Willpower – 7
Legend – 3
Legend Points – 9

Hand of Tyr – relic Glock – 3 ( war purview, +1Acc, +1Dmg )
Gleipnir Cuffs – relic handcuffs – 3 ( justice purview, spend 1 legend 1/day to make inescapable)

Justice 1
Justice 2
War 1
Jotunblut 2

Holy Rampage
Damage Conversion
Instant Investigator

Dodge DV: 2
Parry DV: (4 brawling or 3 melee +weapon DV) / 2
Join Battle: 8 + 1 auto success
Soak: 6B 4L 2A
Armor: Bulletproof Vest (1 fatigue) – +2B +2L +2A
Movement: 2 move, 8 dash, 5v/9h jump


Jeremy’s father was a state trial court judge who had an illicit affair with the city’s D.A. Refusing to keep the affair private, Jeremy’s father left and his mother lost her position. Moving to another state, his mother practiced law on a small scale away from the public eye.

Jeremy was the product of an illicit affair between a judge and a D.A. After his father refused to hide the scandal, Jeremy’s mother lost her position and moved to another state to continue practicing law away from the public eye. Nevertheless, Jeremy grew up with a firm sense of justice and respect for the law.

In his youth, Jeremy was something of a bruiser. Though smart, he tended to wallow in his anger at his life and the injustices done to his mother. He served as an Army MP and received mixed reviews as his dedication and fervor got the job done, but often bordered on the use of excessive force. Passed over for promotion due to these citations, he would have eventually been drummed out of the service.

Everything changed when he received a Visitation from his father, who turned out to be none other than the Norse god of justice and war, Tyr. Jeremy was presented with a glock which now acts as his service weapon. Dubbed “The Hand of Tyr,” the pistol packs more punch than it should and allows Jeremy access to his War purview. In addition, he was presented with a pair of handcuffs etched with a stylized ribbon and chain pattern. Tyr tells him it is made with a fragment of Gleipnir, the bindings that hold the wolf Fenrir. They allow him access to his Justice purview, and when infused with divine power prevent all possibility of escape.

After their meeting, Jeremy seemed to gain a new sense of focus and control. He put himself through college and joined the FBI. Lackhand quickly made a name for himself, not only for his competence in handling raids and martial actions, but also for his keen and uncanny insights at crime scenes and in the interrogation room.

Recently acquiring his own task force, Jeremy has put them on the tail of an elusive band of high-profile thieves. Though there is little proof as to the connection of these diverse crimes, Lackhand has earned enough leeway to pursue his hunch that there is a group of master thieves behind these thefts which leave little to no evidence behind.

Jeremy Lackhand

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