Coin of Discord


Birthright: Relic – 3

Access: Chaos Purview
Communication: Guide (Tyche)
Power: When deliberately thrown, coin returns automatically the following day. It can, however, still be stolen and will not return if it is lost without a deliberate act of being thrown with the intent for it to return.


The coin is hammered from one of the leaves plucked (borrowed?) from the apple of discord. Has the picture of an apple and the word “Kallisti” (meaning “For the most beautiful one” ) on one side. This side gives access to the Chaos Purview when exposed with intent by the bearer to others. The coin always finds its way back to me the following day without fail.

On the other side is a picture of Tyche (my guide), which I use to communicate with her when I need guidance.

Coin of Discord

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