Carlsbad Maternity Care Center

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Carlsbad Maternity Care Center


The Carlsbad Maternity Care Center is located in an office park off the 5 Highway near Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California.

Physical Property

Carlsbad maternity

The center consists of three separate buildings interconnected with skybridges. The first, and smallest of the three, is the administration building. All the business offices are located here, as well as outpatient services, including examination and consultation rooms.

The second building is the parking structure for the facility. A sky bridge connects the parking structure to the admin building on the second floor, and another connects to the inpatient and research building from the fourth floor.

The third building houses the inpatient care facilities as well as all research and development laboratories. This building has the highest security of the three, to protect patients and their newborns, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to the research labs.

Business Details

The Carlsbad Maternity Care Center is dedicated to reproductive health and services for women and their partners. Family planning services are provided, as well as maternity care, fertilization services, and more.

In addition, the center is on the forefront of advances in fertility and maternity research. Great strides have been made towards improving the health of women as they either abort or complete a pregnancy, as well as increasing the odds and ease of achieving pregnancy.

The center is run by Grenadine Solviegg, the owner and CEO of the facility. She continues to keep the facility on the forefront of women’s health issues.


After breaking into the facility, the Heroes discovered that the Center is a front for the titanspawn. Grenadine Solviegg is using the center as a means to impregnate women or convert their newborns into Grendelkin which can then be used as a brute force army. Solviegg treats these abominations as if they were her own grandchildren. In addition, she seems bent on retrieving the Horn of Hrothgar. Solviegg has implied that the Horn will allow her to create a purer strain of child, one more powerful than the halfbreed grendelkin.

Carlsbad Maternity Care Center

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