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Eden’s Apple Nightclub

Eden apple

The Eden’s Apple is a chain of nightclubs owned by Edward Pierce. Known for its risque atmosphere, Eden’s Apple nightclubs offer the most exposed and gyrating flesh you can find anywhere short of an outright strip club. Its overt eroticism and the sense that illicit thrills can be had just around a shrouded corner have led the chain to become extremely popular and successful.


There are Eden’s Apple locations in all the hottest nightspots around the world. The first club, and headquarters to the chain, is located in the heart of Los Angeles.

Business Details

The first Eden’s Apple nightclub was established by Edward Pierce in downtown Los Angeles. As its popularity spread, Pierce was quickly able to expand his operations to other major cities, including New York, Chicago and Miami. Eventually, he grew the chain to include international locations such as Buenos Aires, Lisbon and Ibiza. The club continues to grow in fame and fortune around the world as the hottest and most desirable places to party.

The name of the nightclub is derived from mythical stories revolving around apples, including the biblical tale of Adam and Eve’s fall after partaking of the Apple from the Tree of Knowledge, as well as the tale of the Apple of Discord presented to the goddesses of the Greek pantheon by Eris, Goddess of Discord.


On paper, it appears that the nightclub chain is the source of Edward Pierce’s wealth. However, while successful, the clubs actually provide a front for Pierce to launder the funds he gains through selling the high end art and antiquities he steals.

Eden's Apple

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