Oracle Securities Group

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Oracle Securities Group

Oracle Securities Group is an elite private security organization that specializes in protection and security for rare and priceless artifacts. Clients include museums, government agencies, and private collectors.

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Headquartered in a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles, OSG has offices on the 7th and 8th floors in addition to providing security for the building as a whole. However, this is merely their public presence. Records show that OSG owns the entire building. Secure facilities far beneath the building are accessed by private elevator and include a maximum security vault and a high tech temple designed after the Oracle at Delphi.


The Oracles of Delphi served as the conduit to the Fates for ancient Greece. Though their temple eventually fell into ruin, the bloodline remained strong. Passed down through their female descendants, the Oracles retained their gifts of Sight and Prophecy.

Two hundred years ago, a dwarf from a small clan in what would be upstate New York stumbled on the current descendant of the oracular line. The dwarf left his clan and took it on himself and his allies to protect the oracle and her descendants.

The oracle saw that the prophecies regarding the release of the titans were true and the day would soon come when they were fulfilled. The mortal world, without defenders, would suffer destruction at the hands of the Titans as they waged their war against the Gods.

The dwarf and oracle founded what would become Oracle Securities Group to pursue any leads the oracle could provide that might help protect humanity and the mortal realm. They developed into a multinational corporation that can use its public clout to protect the relics and artifacts which might play a part in the coming battles. Privately, their Special Operations division pursues their agenda more directly and does whatever they can to stymie the forces of the Titans.


OSG maintains their protection and guidance of the descendants of the oracular line. In addition, the dwarf who founded the organization remains an integral part of their plans, heading up the Special Operations division.

  • Raina Weaver: Current descendant of the oracular line. She resides in the high tech rendition of the oracle’s temple, found deep beneath the OSG headquarters in L.A. Raina’s talent manifests through the reading of tarot cards and she has been instrumental in detecting the weaves of Fate as the Titans begin their war anew.
  • Ron Marlowe: Head of the Special Operations division. Marlowe is the original dwarf who discovered the oracular line. He forsook all ties to his clan in order to embrace the modern era and take an active hand in the protection of the mortal realm via the oracles and OSG.
  • Jens Bjornisson: Head of Security for Special Operations. Bjornisson is Marlowe’s right hand man, and oversees any security or offensive measures that the division undertakes.

Oracle Securities Group

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