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Player Characters

Alia Nazir
Scion of Bastet, child of grace and shadow. Her talent for stealth and fast cars led her to a misspent youth in support of her struggling family. Plagued with visions she can neither control nor understand, she has always remained aloof and apart from those around her. As her heritage and birthrights remain mostly a mystery to her, she delves into the criminal underworld to seek answers while prying free the secrets of others.

Edward Pierce
Scion of Aphrodite, socialite, philanthropist, safe cracker. He uses his charm and sophistication to talk his way into the most exclusive establishments, then uses his deft hands and perfect hearing to crack even the toughest locks. Priceless paintings, rare sculpture and one-of-a-kind jewels are his targets, but it is the thrill of living outside the rules that he truly seeks.

José Guadalupe Patrón
Scion of Mictlantecuhtli, convict, hematologist, hemophobe. Imprisoned for the manufacture and sale of performance enhancing drugs, Santa Muerte set him free with the caveat that he provide the Aztec god of death with blood sacrifices. Genius, deviant, holy warrior and healer all wrapped into one twisted package. Will his darker impulses overcome him, or will he learn to channel them into the fight against the Titans?


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