Alia Nazir

A nimble, mechanically-oriented young woman of 19 and Scion of Bastet.


Str 3, Dex 4, Stam 3, Char 2, Man 2, App 3, Per 4, Int 3, Wits 3


Animal Ken – 1
Athletics – 3
Control (Auto) – 2
Craft (Auto) – 2
Empathy – 1
Fortitude – 1
Integrity – 1
Investigation – 2
Larceny – 2
Medicine – 1
Melee – 2
Occult – 1
Presence – 1
Stealth – 3
Survival – 2
Thrown – 2

Willpower: 6, Legend 3 (9/9), Soak 4B, 3L, 1A
Dodge DV: 7 (9 w/ UO), Parry DV: 8, Join Battle: 6
Move 6, Dash 12, Jump 6v/12h

Conviction 3, Harmony 2, Order 3, Piety 1

Animal 1 – Communication
Prophecy 2
Heku 1 – Ren Harvest
Heku 2 – Sekem Blaze
Darkness 1 – Night Eyes
Darkness 2 – Shadow Mask

Lightning Sprint
Untouchable Opponent
Self Healing
Subliminal Warning

Ankh Necklace (Animal, Summon, Prophecy)
Fangs of Bastet (Set of 5 knives, Darkness, +1 DAM)

Creature: Khem (Cat)


Pantheon: Pesedjet
God: Bastet
Nature: Survivor

Alia never knew her mother, and while her father loved her in his own way, he maintained a certain distance from her. Alia slowly withdrew into her own world, where she found purpose and a sense of order in working with machinery. She eschewed school for work, and through a chance meeting, ended up working for the owner of a chop shop. This man also taught her a few things about racing cars (Control).

Since she was young, she favored avoidance (survival) to confrontation, and often spent her time learning new ways to fade into the shadows. Alia has a wiry, small build, and is extremely light and quick on her feet.

However, an uncontrollable part of Alia has haunted her since she was small. She will occasionally have visions and feelings that do not belong to her. This unnerves her, as she is used to the natural order of things, and it is something she can neither explain nor run from.

Alia is also followed by a stray black tomcat which took a liking to her. She named him Khem, or “black earth”. The cat often seems sufficiently pleased with itself. Even a casual observer gets the feeling they were being sized up in his stare.

Alia Nazir

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